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10 Restaurants in New York with Best Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Reviews are not Easy to Get, so Acquiring a lot of them Means Your Restaurant Business is Thriving

New York City has been known as the center of the world, because people from all over the world visit this great city for business, pleasure and other interests. If you’re a tourist and it’s your first time in New York City, then the most prominent places that you will immediately notice are banks, corporate buildings, world class hotels, tourist attractions and most importantly – dining places and restaurants. We will discuss the restaurants that got the most restaurant reviews in New York City in this article and find out why people keep coming back to them.

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Here are the 10 best restaurants in New York City as reviewed by TripAdvisor users:

1.) Daniel Restaurant – Located at 60 E 65th St., this hotel features a diner as well as a bar & lounge which adequately meets the needs of anyone who wishes to dine or just sit down and sip some wine or exotic cocktail. The diner section of Daniel’s Restaurant opens from Mon-Sat 5:30PM-10:30PM, while the bar & lounge section opens from Mon-Sat 5:30PM-11:00PM. They don’t stay open all night and they are closed on Sundays, so be sure to make your reservations early in order to save a table for you and your friends. The master of their kitchen is Chef Daniel Boulud and just about everyone in New York has heard of him, so you can be sure that their menu won’t disappoint you. They serve dinner, vegetarian, cocktails, wine, desert and tasting as well as other good food recipes. They have over 2,500 restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor alone and almost all reviews had 4-5 star points in them. Not bad for a restaurant business!restaurant reviews
2.) Bouley Restaurant – Roughly 500 meters from the World Trade Center at 163 Duane St., Bouley is right in the heart of Manhattan. What people love about this place? Getting more for your money’s worth. One customer said that they gave out a five-course meal for only $59 which is surprisingly cheap for a world class restaurant! You can check out their menu here which is quite a delight for your taste buds. Chef David Bouley’s cooking philosophy is on freshness and purity of ingredients with the intention to bring the flavor forward without distraction when preparing each dish. Now there’s a man who’s after my own stomach!
3.) Per Se (Thomas Keller’s Restaurant Group) – This restaurant is just a stone’s throw away from Central Park at Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Cir., it’s a great place to dine and enjoy the view that’s adjacent to it. Architect Adam D. Tihany designed Per Se based on Chef Thomas Keller’s interpretation of the French Laundry right in the heart of Time Warner Center. Keller’s team has at least 2 other chefs besides himself as well as a sommelier and a baker which is why their menu is second to none. Per Se is open from Monday to Sunday between 11:30AM–1PM and 5:30–9:30PM. Visit open table if you wish to make an advanced dinner reservation. They offer a nine-course meal made exclusively by Chef Thomas Keller as well as a vegetarian nine-course meal which is prepared by him and his team. Each meal will never be repeated twice, so no person will ever taste the same food when they dine at Per Se. Personally, I think it was Per Se’s menu that landed them the best restaurant reviews from customers.

New York City has Many Dining Places, Prioritize those that Got the Most Restaurant Reviews First

4.) Los Tacos No. 1 – If you happen by Pier 57 in Manhattan, then just at 200 meters away from it at 75th and 9th Avenue is Los Tacos No. 1 no seating, street-style restaurant. People often come here for, you guessed it, their tasty tacos! It’s no wonder why they got over 900 very positive reviews on TripAdvisor and their cuisine has not disappointed anyone yet. They’re open from Monday – Saturday between 11AM–9PM and on Sunday between 11AM–8PM. Besides making delicious tacos, tostadas, quesadillas and mulas; they are also known for their very affordable delicacies. I mean, where else can you get the most delicious tacos in the world for under $4? It’s like Christmas with Mexican food!restaurant reviews
5.) Juliana’s Pizza – The good old pizza place by the Brooklyn Bridge at 19 Old Fulton St. has been around since the 1900s and this New York style pizza place has become the favorite of so many New Yorkers for many generations. They’ve got dozens of meals on their menu for dine in or take out orders just to ensure that you’ll never get bored, plus their pizzas taste great and you can get them for an affordable price too! Garnering almost 2,000 reviews from customers on TripAdvisor, Juliana’s Pizza is a highly recommended place for you to dine in, especially if you’re a tourist and new to New York. Because this is the birthplace of New York style pizzas. You can get pizza meals at Juliana’s Pizza all week round from 11:30AM–3:15PM, 4–10PM.
6.) Gramercy Tavern – This restaurant is about 1 km from the famous Empire State Building in Lower Manhattan at 42 E 20th St. and is another celebrated dining place in New York City. Service hours is from 11:45AM–11PM Monday to Sunday and they have two types of food service. One is the Tavern which is open throughout the day and you can just come in anytime you like and dine without having to make reservations. On the other hand, the Dining Room is reserved for special occasions and guests and this is where you’ll need to make reservations if you want to try out their delicious menu. Gramercy Tavern has received close to 3,000 TripAdvisor restaurant reviews and is recognized as one of the best restaurants in New York.
7.) Lincoln Square Steak – Drive along Broadway Street at 208 W 70th St and you will find Lincoln Square Steak. People describe this restaurant as having “the friendliest staff” that will go out of their way to assist you and that “you won’t stop talking about this place” once you’ve experienced their hospitality and service. This is where classic meets great food and its charms are irresistible! It’s no wonder it has quickly became the town’s favorite dining place. They serve a variety of menu and even has a group deal where you can save more and get more than your money’s worth. They open daily including weekends from 5–10:30PM. restaurant reviews
8.) Eileen’s Special Cheesecake – This bakery is one of Lower Manhattan’s endearing and enduring pastry shops. Located at 17 Cleveland Place which is close to other famous landmarks, this restaurant has already won the certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor back in 2015. It has been reviewed more than 1,380 times and it continues to impress customers both old and new as well as locals and foreigners alike. They make all sorts of cheesecakes and mouth watering pastries like the blueberry cake, strawberry cake and the marble cake. They’re open from 9AM – 9PM daily from Monday to Sunday and you can order via phone or internet for retail and local deliveries.

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It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Serve an Internationally Acclaimed Food on Your Menu or You’re Just Selling Tacos, You’ll Get the Best Restaurant Reviews if What You’re Selling is the Best Stuff

9.) Le Bernardin – True to their French origin, the Le Barnardin brothers has established themselves in New York with their three-time Michelin star awardee French seafood delicacy. You can find them at 155 W 51st St., in Hell’s Kitchen Midtown Manhattan near Carnegie Hall and Central Park. They are one of the most reviewed restaurants on TripAdvisor (and probably in all of New York too) garnering 2,732 very positive restaurant reviews which puts them in prominence with Gramercy Tavern. They have a variety of meals to offer you which includes chef’s tasting and Le Bernardin tasting. They are open from 12–2:30PM, 5:15PM –10:30PM Monday to Friday and 5:15PM –11PM on Saturday. They are closed on reviews
10.) Russ & Daughters Café – The retro-style Jewish comfort food center in Lower Manhattan, Russ & Daughters Café is the place to go when you want some premiere Kosher food. Their location is just along Williamsburg Bridge fronting the Tenement Museum at 127 Orchard St., and they open from 10AM–10PM during weekdays and between 8AM–10PM in the weekends. Their menu probably has the widest variety of food selection than all the other restaurants in this list, which is why a lot of people visit their place to enjoy some tasty meals. Kosher food will easily get a spotlight when it comes to restaurant reviews as customers often perceive it as clean and healthy food.

These top notched restaurants seem to have one thing in common – a very good marketing strategy that puts their customer’s needs first and gives them first class dining service that makes them want to come back for more. Besides cooking the best meals for their menus they also give out perks and other advantages to their patrons which solicits their loyalty to them. Local restaurant marketing and word-of-mouth marketing may also have helped these great restaurants thrive in New York. Great food plus great customer service is the perfect recipe for a good business!