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Why You Should Advertise Your Restaurant Business in Social Media

There are a Number of Benefits in Marketing Your Restaurant Business in Social Media Sites

Do you feel like the small guy in a huge world and no one can hear your voice? Well, don’t sweat it, because you’re not alone and many feel the same way. Let’s put that into perspective and consider your restaurant business, or whatever small business firm you may have started for a moment. You could create restaurant ads and give out flyers, pay to get your restaurant on the classifieds page on a local newspaper, get it advertised in a radio show or a TV show for that matter; or pay a large sum of money and get ad space on a huge billboard in the middle of the freeway.

restaurant business

All in all, I think that would still be counterproductive measured against the power of the internet, particularly – social media networks. Combined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube has over 5 billion users who go online almost every day. If you found a way to tap these users, then you can redirect a significant amount of web traffic to your website which features your restaurant, and get more customers as a result! Well, as a matter of fact, there is a way to tap into these vast number of web users, and it’s called social media paid ads. Before you start purchasing those ads though, please create a website for your business as well as a business page or social media accounts that links with it also.

Get started by using these social media paid ads:

Facebook Ads
The first social networking site that you need to check out is Facebook. I think that practically everyone on Earth has heard of it and you must have heard about its founder’s overnight success too, if I’m not mistaken. Well, the good news is that you have the opportunity to share in that success by capitalizing on the search preferences of Facebook users. So create your Facebook business page, purchase an ad that starts at $100 a month and promote your restaurant. Facebook ads also has geotagging and shows your business’ location to make it easier for people to find. In 3 months time you’ll find that you’ve gained a significant number of Facebook followers and might even see them walk into your restaurant.

Restaurant digital marketing is the new cool these days as almost all businesses have resorted to do advertising in the digital world of the internet.

restaurant business

Social Media can Amplify the Advertising Power of Your Restaurant Business, because it has a Lot of Subscribers

Twitter Ads
The micro-blogging social networking site, Twitter, comes in as the next contender to Facebook, and what it lacks in numbers (Twitter only has 328 million users whereas Facebook has over 1.8 billion) it makes up for the quality of its users news feed. How is this possible? Well, it’s simple! Tweeter users can update anything that they see or hear near their location in less than a minute as Twitter only has a 140-character limit per post. In fact, the news you get from Twitter is fresher than on any other mediums out there. Add the hastag, geotagging and live streaming features to your tweets and your restaurant business will be all over the Twitter users’ sponsored feeds.

This social media site is actually a subsidiary of Facebook; however, it is fast becoming the next big thing as it has a strong 500 million users on it also. And to think that it only came out in 2010! What a brand?! Some people consider Instagram as the elite version of Facebook and prefer using the latter over the former. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has paid ads too that you can use to promote your restaurant. According to people who have tried Instagram ads the cost is around $5 per 1,000 impressions. Meaning if a thousand people on Instagram clicked on your ad, then you pay Instagram $5.

However, there are other ways to promote your business on Instagram without paying a cent for any ads. Take for example Niel Patel, he met with Dan Bilzerian and asked him if he would post Niel’s business in an image or two for a certain period of time in exchange for $57,000. Lucky for him Dan agreed to his proposal and the result was Niel was able to get over 143,000 followers in a matter of weeks! You can pick out another celebrity and make the same bargain so you can get the word out on your business.

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restaurant business

This video streaming site is actually the only closest competitor to Facebook with over 1.3 billion users verified. Since Google also owns YouTube, you use the Adwords tool to pay for ads. This tool can be tricky at times, but by watching or reading a few tutorials you’ll become a webmaster in no time. This is a different arena than all the other social media sites that we’ve listed here before, and you’ll need to create your own personalized videos to advertise your restaurant business. The pricing of YouTube ads range from $0.20 cents to several thousand dollars per video that you want to promote, but the payoff is good. That’s because you will get lots of followers in a short amount of time.

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