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Why Your Menu Matters when You want an Outstanding Restaurant Digital Marketing Piece

What does your menu have to do with restaurant digital marketing? Well, according to recent surveys researchers found that people tend to remember the image(s) attached to certain information on the web 65% more versus the content itself. Only 10% of the web users remember what is in the content of the information they’ve read on a blog or website. They also found that in social media, marketers utilize images 75% more than any other mediums of information. Take for instance, Instagram or Pinterest, these social networking sites specifically targets the visual cognitive function of the brain in order to attract web users to like and follow their business or personal profiles.

Based on these findings it is therefore essential for you to spruce up your menu, and I’m not just talking about how your food taste, but also how attractive it is to the eyes of a hungry customer. When you talk about restaurant marketing ideas and how you convey it into restaurant digital marketing, you must always consider how visually attractive your website or blog is as well as your business pages in social networking sites. It’s only then that you can keep rising in rankings. If your restaurant is your business, then your product is your menu and it’s good if you’ve got a great place where people can socialize and dine, but at the end of the day your customers will always talk about your food.

restaurant digital marketing

Since they’re already talking, why not give them something sweet to talk about?

Go “Maximus Donator Atrae” on Your Website and Social Media Portals when You do Restaurant Digital Marketing

In case you’re wondering, maximus donator atrae means “the biggest giver” or “the most extravagant” in Latin. To put that into perspective, you will need to make your website the most visually stunning site ever produced if you want to attract a lot of attention, because that’s what the internet is all about – literally bragging your way to profit even when you haven’t really started making a buck yet. It’s similar to big budget films like Marvel or Warner Bros. and today they release teaser trailers almost one year prior to the movie’s release date. The result of which is astounding! Movies like The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy and several others break box office records with almost 90% certainty.

This is the outcome of a very good marketing strategy and if applied in a parallel pattern with restaurant digital marketing, then the results might also surprise you.

There are also a lot of review sites nowadays where you can make sure you are represented well if you keep in control. The best place is still google reviews because it will help tremendously with your local SEO.

But bragging in social media is technically called, “marketing” which is a more acceptable term compared to its blusterous alternative. When you establish a presence online (including social media), then you’ll have to come up with some creative restaurant marketing ideas to attract followers who could potentially be your customers in the future. Applying now the intensive marketing techniques that movie studios do with their products to yours, you could announce new items on your menu months ahead before it will be served. Or it could also be an eat-all-you-can promo, a buffet or a smorgasbord! Anything that will spice up the hype about your restaurant business would be a good idea.

restaurant digital marketing

You could also announce offers such as the “buy a group meal and get free custom mugs or cups for free.” Anything that will spark your customer’s interest should be considered for your marketing strategy – as I’ve said, be creative!

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Offline Restaurant Digital Marketing…Is There Even Such a Thing?

If you’ve seen one of those billboards on the freeway or in the city with web links on it, then chances are you’ve already participated in a digital marketing campaign by whichever brand is on those billboards. It’s more like a passive participation and not the active kind; however, those seemingly meaningless words and phrases on those billboards will soon affect your subconscious mind later on. And you will find yourself searching for that movie theater or restaurant as your urge to be entertained or need for sustenance sends chemical signals to your brain to respond to them urgently.

See how effective those billboard ads are? They may seem insignificant now with the internet, but in marketing terms they are still very much appealing and therefore the merit of their use has not been deemed obsolete yet. Remember the figures from the surveys in the first paragraph of this article? That’s right! Marketing your product via visual means rocks! So do it often, no, in fact, focus on it all the time! But don’t neglect content also as it leaves the right kind of impression you want for your customers to know or think about your business when they’re not in your restaurant. Remember these tips when you’ll do your restaurant digital marketing.

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