The 7 Best Recipes from World Class Restaurants

History of Restaurants

Restaurants can be traced as far back as the 5th or 7th century B.C. in China, but they are mostly small eateries and not as extravagant and glorious as today’s restaurants. In ancient Rome also there were inns, taverns, monasteries and hostelries roughly 500 years before Christ and it further developed during the medieval times. It wasn’t until the late 1700s that eateries and roadside inns and taverns officially became known as restaurants. Today there are places for fine dining that treat you like royalty. Perhaps it is the absence of princes and aristocrats or they’ve simply transformed into celebrities was the reason why we have Eleven Madison Park and Osteria Francescana.

But, of course, restaurants are all about food, drinks and fine dining; and today let’s find out the 7 best recipes from top restaurants across the globe.

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Former US President, Barack Obama, eating at Bad Saint
  1. Pork, Vegetable, and Tamarind Stew (Sinigang) from Bad Saint Washington D. C. – The sinigang baboy or “pork stew” in English is a traditional Filipino food that’s famous in the northernmost island of the Philippines, Luzon. Today, however, they’ve setup a small diner right in the heart of Washington D.C. and has since been known as one of the newest and most radical restaurants in America. The Luzon folks love to cook stews with a sour tinge and yet you will find it enjoying in your taste buds.
  2. Grilled King Trumpet Mushrooms with Almond Dip from Lord Stanley – Talk about vegan! Lord Stanley restaurant sure knows how to stir up your appetite even for the most unassuming of fruits and vegetables like mushrooms and almonds. They spared no expense in creating the Grilled King Trumpet Mushrooms with Almond Dip, and they even made the crudites look like delicious meat so that unsuspecting human carnivores (meat lovers) will mistake it for beef barbeque at first glance!
  3. Spanish Chorizo with Dates, Cabrales, and Vanilla Oil from Morcilla – Morcilla is a well-known restaurant in Pittsburgh and their menu is a delight, because it has over 5 categories with lots and lots of selections in them. Like for example, the Spanish Chorizo with Dates, Cabrales, and Vanilla Oil, which is guaranteed to impress your taste buds. Morcilla also has a variety of food selections for brunch (breakfast and lunch), dinner and coffee & desserts. A few to mention include the Petite Bay View oysters, esparragos la plancha, tortilla espanola, strawberry sorbet and more!restaurants
  4. Kimchi Fried Rice from Baroo – Baroo is a Korean restaurant based in downtown L.A. and fried rice is a famous Asian delicacy, especially, the Kimchi Fried Rice that they serve. There are many ways to cook the kimchi fried rice, but Baroo seems to stand out among others due to the appealing ingredients they put in their fried rice recipe. Using butter, onions, kimchi juice, spam, soy sauce, sesame oil and other herbs and spices while stir-frying it on a cast-iron skillet makes a great kimchi fried rice for all occasions.
  5. Strozzapreti Carbonara with Radishes from Oberlin – Another great restaurant that got included in this list is Oberlin which is located in Providence, Rhode Island. The best selection that they have to offer is the Strozzapreti Carbonara with Radishes. Pasta and vegetables are good for a healthy diet and it seems that Oberlin’s chef is well aware of this fact and is probably health-conscious himself/herself! The best thing about this recipe is that you can eat it with a various kinds of vegetables (mostly that are good for salads) and so you’ll enjoy it even more!
  6. Beef Tartare with Smoked Cheddar from Wildair – This recipe is probably one of the easiest to prepare and yet is also one of the tastiest, which is why Wildair restaurant offers it as one of their prime meals. Also voted as one of most radical restaurants in America with new twist that delights their customers, Wildair setup shop in south east Manhattan. Customers find it like eating the favorite Japanese delicacy, sushi, because it too uses raw meat (beef) which is delicious. Aside from a decent menu they also serve Brazilian appetizers, beers, cocktails and a wide array of wines and spirits. There are also two types of tartare and one is the French tartare and the other is the Korean tartare. For vegetarian there is also the vegan tartare which uses tofu and various vegetables as ingredients. Wildair does not have reservations, so you can just walk in and dine anytime!
  7. Grits Aligot from Buxton Hall – In Asia both the grits and the aligot would be considered as baby food; however, Buxton Hall seems to have taken this recipe to the next level and made it a sumptuous meal that guests really enjoy. Maybe it’s the cheese that brought this restaurant to the top 100 list of food and drink magazines, or maybe it’s because they serve grits aligot with barbecue as Buxton Hall is a barbecue grill diner in the first place. If you’re planning to have a private party at your house, then you can also have them do the catering for you and bring the same palatable menu home!restaurants

The best Restaurants make their Guests feel like Royalty

Closing Notes
Perhaps there are some great food recipes that you know and hasn’t been introduced to the masses yet. You can capitalize on that to build your own restaurant empire! You see the secret to creating a great dining place is impressing your guests with your service and your food. The rest is just press coverage and noise.


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