Open Your Restaurant to Charities, Community Groups and Non-Profits

Did You Ever Consider That Your Restaurant Could Become a Force for Good?

There are millions of restaurants in thousands of cities across hundreds of different countries today, and you can find every type of restaurant out there on street corners, shopping malls, stadiums, subways and other public places. You’ll find many things between them that are in common and maybe it’s because they follow strict marketing guidelines which makes them so glamorous and authentic. Jack in the Box, Gjelina, Dairy Queen, Chi Spacca, McDonalds, Chipotle, Marea and many others are just some of the examples of great restaurants in America.

But perhaps you should come up with a marketing strategy that builds your reputation as a restaurant with a heart.


Reach out to Charities and other Social Groups in your Community
Okay, this strategy might be way off or far fetched, but it might just be the right kind of marketing that will work for you. Just think about it, you’ll have dozens or even hundreds of loyal customers from various social groups in your community! You know what they say, it’s better to have repeat customers than new ones. So reach out to them and let them know that they’re welcome in your restaurant. You can start by giving discounted or free meals to orphanages, home for the elderly, boys and girls club, YMCA, JCC, 4-H, high school football club, high school cheer dance club, boy and girl scouts club and others.

Give the offer maybe once a month and before you know it, your restaurant will be the highlight of community discussions. Aside from creating a new and loyal customer base, you’ll have more people who will come in and get a sample of why your restaurant is so popular in the community.

What Can Your Restaurant Expect from such a Compassionate Gesture?

The return-on-investment for this type of marketing effort is usually undermined by most marketing experts; however, if you look at the longterm benefits of it, then you’ll know that you’re on the right track. Also, you’re probably not the first one to do it, because restaurants like Applebee’s, Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory, T.G.I.Friday’s, Wendy’s and about a dozen others offer their assistance to help non-profits raise funds. While my suggestion is somewhat of a parallel to this, it does help in certain ways and you could always help charities, local community groups and non-profit organizations to raise funds as well.


This gesture of good faith isn’t far fetched as most would think, because it still adheres to the very basic rule of marketing – get your business name out there! Meaning, spread the information about your restaurant to as many people as possible and you’ll be inviting guests without having to print invitation letters or anything.

Other Subtle Ways to Promote Your Restaurant

This generous marketing campaign can be considered as “subtle” due to the fact that you haven’t really acknowledge it as one, and there’s no indication in your post ads that you’re getting something back in return. Although you are actually going to get something back in return when guests will be pouring in sooner or later as they’ve heard about your magnanimous offer with the local community groups, charities and other NGOs. You can step up a notch further and offer a monthly feeding program to the homeless and get even more press coverage which will make your restaurant known to a wider audience.

Having thus established your restaurant in the local area where you are located, you can now expect to have plenty of guests and even repeat customers and patrons.

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What Value Will You Bring to the Community?
The straightforward answer to this question is that you will become the community’s soul, because you’ve shown that you care about the less fortunate people in your locality. Soon you will find not only local community groups, charities and NGOs lining up at your door, but also politicians, businesses who may want to be partners with you and even non-profits from other cities and states. You’ll certainly be a favorite of the media too! Your restaurant will become a symbol of hope to the community and the city where you are located and you’ll solidify your reputation forever.

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